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Episode 10: Welcome to New Bara

It’s time for a time skip! In this episode, Marty led the cast through a series of time jumps, settling on important scenes that took place over the last five months.

Welcome to session ten of The Crowded Tavern!

Auburn and Arleem had some really touching moments and super solidified their friendship, Arleem and Neza did something incredible, Neza and Benjamin opened their first portal, Benjamin was super useful with the conduits, and Kacsi is definitely doing something dangerous.

In the tenth session, you’ll find out:

  • who Sable is and how she helps Strix and Benjamin
  • how Benjamin is coping with Wortam
  • where Neza and Benjamin opened a portal to
  • what happened to Arleem’s guide
  • what’s going on with Kacsi
  • how Auburn passed the time
  • where the group has to go now
  • and much more!

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