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Episode 1: Welcome to Baraguo

Welcome to episode one of The Crowded Tavern! In this episode, you’re introduced to the characters, learn about the city of magic and technology they live in, and join them as they prepare to go on an expedition to a brand-new world.

Welcome to episode one of The Crowded Tavern!

Baraguo is a city where magic and technology are as common as the very air you breathe. Everyone has access to it, for the right price.

In this first episode, you’ll find out:

  • Who the characters are: Meet Benjamin, Neza, Auburn, Arleem, and Strix
  • What the Infusion and Arcane Corp (IAC) is really like and who’s running it
  • Learn about an expedition to a new world
  • Get ready to leave for the new world
  • And… get to a new world.

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